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Quick Learning jQuery Web Development Course | jQuery Tutorial
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Fast Paced Introductory course to learning jQuery

Quick learning jQuery web development course is designed to demonstrate and help you learn the core concepts of working with jQuery.

Learning JQuery can help you develop web projects quicker!

Learn the fundamentals of jQuery and find out why its so amazing to work with.  You can do so many great things with jQuery.

JQUERY makes creating DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE web content EASY!

This course is designed to help you learn jQuery quickly.  You should have a basic understand of JavaScript in addition to HTML and CSS to enhance your learning experience.

jQuery is easy to use and  just makes sense.  The methods and concepts are easy to pickup and start using.

This course covers everything you need to know about using jQuery.  By the end of the course you will better understand how jQuery works and how you can use it to create better quicker web pages.

Web visitors are expecting interaction and dynamic content, jQuery help deliver!

See jQuery in action and I guarantee you will want to apply it to your own code.  It really is fun to use, and simplifies many of the popular JavaScript functionality.

Topics covered in the course include

  • How to add jQuery to your website
  • Basics of jQuery and JavaScript
  • Event listeners
  • Traversing elements to better select HTML content
  • Adding CSS to wow your visitors
  • Effects and Animations jQuery
  • jQuery and AJAX

jQuery is super powerful, lightweight and easy to add to your webpages.  Its JavaScript but only better.

I am here to help you learn jQuery and ready to answer any questions you may have.

jQuery is an in demand skill, and learning jQuery will help to separate you from the crowd who don’t know jQuery.

Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step.  Join now to start learning  jQuery today.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to using jQuery
Quick jQuery Promo Video FREE 00:01:36
Lecture 1 Introduction to jQuery course FREE 00:02:38
Lecture 2 What is jQuery and how do you use it FREE 00:04:30
Lecture 3 How jQuery Works FREE 00:04:23
Lecture 4 Use jQuery to update webpage 00:04:54
Lecture 5 Selecting Each item from mulitple items 00:08:47
Lecture 6 jQuery updating Page Content 00:05:17
Lecture 7 Source Code used in previous lessons 00:00:00
Lecture 8 jQuery Event Listeners 00:04:35
Lecture 9 jQuery Filter your selection via index value 00:02:03
Lecture 10 jQuery prevent default actions 00:02:58
Lecture 11 Form event triggers jQuery 00:08:30
Lecture 12 Source Code Events 00:00:00
Lecture 13 jQuery Traversing the elements 00:08:17
Lecture 14 jQuery Traversing Children Siblings and more 00:09:36
Lecture 15 jQuery element selection 00:05:51
Lecture 16 Source Code Traversing 00:00:00
Lecture 17 jQuery and CSS 00:06:29
Lecture 18 Working with Classes in jQuery 00:04:30
Lecture 19 jQuery Toggle Classes 00:02:23
Lecture 20 jQuery working with Attributes 00:03:57
Lecture 21 Source Code Styling and Attributes 00:00:00
Lecture 22 jQuery Simple effects and callbacks 00:05:32
Lecture 23 jQuery Effects 00:06:27
Lecture 24 Animate with jQuery 00:06:28
Lecture 25 Source Code Effects 00:00:00
Lecture 26 jQuery Simple AJAX load 00:04:47
Lecture 27 AJAX get and send data jQuery methods 00:08:30
Lecture 28 jQuery AJAX post AJAX 00:06:39
Lecture 29 Source Code AJAX methods 00:00:00

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