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Instructor Agreement
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Instructor Agreement

Instructor Agreement



Instructors Agreement or Instructors Terms & Conditions who are associated with HSB Paathshala Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 having its registered office at Roshanara Road, Delhi.




Base Currency means the currency of the Base Price.

"Base Exchange Rate" means a system-wide rate used by the Company for foreign currency conversion and does not include any fee or mark-up by the Company. The rate is established using one or more third parties such as Open Exchange Rates and is fixed periodically (e.g. monthly) to prevent daily price fluctuations. Accordingly, the Base Exchange Rate may not be identical to the applicable market rate in effect at the specific time a foreign currency conversion is processed.

“Base Price” means the course price set by the Instructor.

“Cost Adjustment Factor” means applicable local taxes and other fees associated with currency conversions. In regions that use a common currency, e.g., the INR, the Cost Adjustment Factor uses a weighted average of country specific tax rates to ensure the same prices to end customers across the region.

”Courses” shall mean the definition in the Terms & Conditions [Please refer to our Site www.coachunt.com.


“Gross Amount” means the amount actually received by Coachunt for purchases by Students for any Instructor’s Course. Please note that for mobile application sales, mobile platforms apply applicable fees, such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play, which may be revised from time to time and we may not have any control over the same.


“Instructor” shall mean teachers/You/Your, who under shall provide various Courses under our Sitewww.coachunt.com.


“Instructor Revenue” shall mean net amount earned by an Instructor. This shall exclude any refunds paid & taxes.


“Net Amount” means the amount actually received from Students for the Instructor’s Course. This shall exclude taxes, cess, duties, any other costs including but not limited to handling charges, marketing fee etc.

“Sale Currency” means the currency of the sale. This is determined by the country of origin of the User purchasing the Course.

“Sale Price” shall mean the Price matrix decided by Coachunt on basis of which the Instructors working with Coachunt shall be able to decide their Base Price.


Please note any capitalized word used and not defined under this agreement shall mean/ shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms and Conditions on our Site www.coachunt.com




Instructor can apply for his account through “Become an Instructor” button on the home page of the Site. He needs to fill application for becoming Instructor. Coachunt has the right that we can accept and cancel Instructor application.




As an Instructor, you will be responsible for determining the Base Price you charge the Students for Your Course(s). You may select any increment by going to the price edit screen in your Instructor's online Course. You agree to charge only for your own submitted content. You may not charge separately for any course add-ons such as downloadable .pdfs or other content and Services (such as providing a link to a third party service to sell downloadable pdfs). The Company will handle billing and other fee interaction with Users.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Prices anytime and accordingly Instructors are responsible to set their Base Price.




As part of your participation on Coachunt, you give us, Coachunt the permission to share your Course, and information about you and the Course with Coachunt employees and selected partners, for which you will not any receive compensation. By entering into this Agreement you have given your express consent to Coachunt to transfer your personal details to any other third party for lawful purposes and for effecting any transaction. Please note you have the option to opt out of such consent requirement and/or withdraw your consent any time and post that Coachunt shall seize to have any business with you, given our strict requirements. For more details please visit our Privacy Policy on www.coachunt.com

Optional Marketing Program


If you choose to participate in any of the Coachunt's marketing programs that Coachunt conducts periodically (“Marketing Program”), the fee you receive from the Company will be in accordance with the terms of the particular Marketing Program that applies to the sale of your Course. Company also reserves the right to increase or decrease the Price in connection with the Company's marketing and promotional efforts (including through Marketing Programs).


Marketing Programs include, but are not limited to, Company's Accord Program and Marketing Expansion Program. You acknowledge that the amounts paid for Marketing Programs are not fixed, and the Company has the sole discretion to determine those amounts and which Courses to offer as part of Marketing Programs. Further, the Company does not guarantee any minimum level of success in connection with any Marketing Programs, and its selection of Courses to include is not an endorsement of those Courses, or of you. If you do not wish to participate in Marketing Programs, log into your account and opt out of them.


If you wish to know more about our Optional Marketing Program, please write to us at inquiry@Coachunt.com or by mail at the following address:


HSB Paathshala Private Limited (Coachunt)

Attn: Optional Marketing Program

Roshanara Road,

Delhi, India


[Please mention the subject as inquiry – Optional Marketing Program]


Discounts & Coupons


Discount coupons can be created by Coachunt only. No rights to Instructor for creating discount coupons. If any Student buy online Course through discount coupon then Instructor will get 50% commission after deducting taxes.


Coachunt will generate Discount coupons time to time for promotional purpose. Coupon discount could be 10% off or 20% off or 30% off. It is totally depend upon Coachunt. The actual discount may be slightly higher or lower due to rounding and currency conversion.


You authorize the Company to perform the appropriate calculations, deduct and retain the transaction fee, and pay you the Net Amount as indicated above.




Instructors agree that they shall indemnify and hold harmless us, Coachunt for any direct and/or indirect losses incurred by Coachunt on the account of usage of the Site by any of the Users on www.coachunt.com or by any other negligence, misconduct etc. on the part of such Users, under this Agreement or any other general T&Cs or Privacy Policy found on our Site www.coachunt.com




As an Instructor, you are contracting directly with us – Coachunt and have a direct contractual relationship with Users and so the only information you will receive about Users is what is provided to you through the Services. Coachunt shall not be responsible for its authenticity whatsoever.




By agreeing to these Instructors Terms and Conditions, you also agree to abide by the Privacy Policy found at www.coachunt.com and the general Terms and Conditions found at www.coachunt.com. Please check both periodically as there will be minor changes made to them from time to time. Coachunt reserves the right to remove Courses and Instructors at its sole discretion.




You agree that you shall not utilize the Sites or the Services to conduct or facilitate any transaction with any person,that may affect the integrity of Coachunt. You may not remove or export from India or allow the export or re-export of the Services, or any direct product thereof, including technical data, in violation of any restrictions, laws, or regulations of India or any other country’ applicable laws.




Generally, the Company will pay you fifty percent (50%) after deducting TDS of the Net Amount received for your Course. Coachunt will pay through Paypal. Instructor should give his correct Paypal ID & PAN no. to Coachunt. Coachunt will pay Instructor commission within 45 days after receiving course payment from Student.




It is expressly understood and agreed by the Instructor that Coachunt will retain withholding TDS tax @20%. you are responsible for any other taxes on your income.


If any Instructor earned more than Rs.30,000 (annually) in India then. Coachunt will pay 10% TDS on behalf of Instructor to Indian Government Tax Department. For this the Instructor needs to provide PAN no. and any other tax related documents and proofs. If due to any reasons Instructor is not able to provide the required documents and proofs, including but not limited to the PAN no., then Coachunt will pay 20% TDS of  Instructor’ earning.


Foreign Instructor: Coachunt will pay 10.3% TDS of that Instructor if he has Indian PAN no. otherwise 20.6% TDS to Indian Government Tax Department.




You may elect to terminate your participation with us Program at any time by providing us a 15 days’ clear notice. Coachunt will cease to offer Your Course(s) as a part of the Courseson our Site, within 6 months of such termination. Thereafter, your Course(s) will no longer be offered to any newUsers as a part of the Services, however any User who purchased a Service while your Course(s) were included will continue to be able to access and enroll in those Course(s) for as long as they remain a paying User.




Upon termination, Instructors must cease all use of the Site, Services and Content. Any accrued rights to payment and all representations and warranties shall survive termination.




Instructors expressly agree and accept that they shall not transfer any information, data, details etc. received during their association with Coachunt and two years after the termination of this Agreement to any third party, without prior consent and only for lawful purposes.


Further it is expressly agreed by the Instructors that they shall not transfer any personal sensitive details of the any User or any other persons, which the Instructors may have received due to their association with Coachunt, to any third party without our prior consent and only after following proper procedures.




Any dispute under this Agreement shall be settled between the Instructor and Coachunt with necessary negotiations etc., within thirty (30) days of the dispute being known in writing to the other party. In the event the parties fail to settle the dispute amicably, the same shall be the subject matter of arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 including any amendments, addendums etc., to the same.


Acceptance of this Agreement/these Terms & Conditions


By using the Services on our Site www.coachunt.com you have given your express consent to this Agreement / Terms & Conditions and shall be bound by it and any other applicable Indian laws.



Coachunt understands that not everyone is comfortable with the old school model. We, therefore, introduce India’s first online learning courses to suit each aspirant’s needs. We have some of the top-notch instructors working with us who are always ready to attend the students’queries, upload online course, manage coaching batches and assist the learners to expand their horizons.

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